Guidance from the Romance Angels

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Dear Romance Angels
Please reveal that which is best for us. Thank you.

Your Romance Angels Guidance

Card# 397
Romance Angels

Someone is wearing a false-self mask in this relationship.
This card is a loving nudge for you to beware of deception within a relationship. This could involve something mild, such as run-of-the-mill politeness, where your partner is afraid of offending you by sharing true feelings. Perhaps you're the one wearing the mask, because you aren't disclosing something to your partner. Deep down, you know what this card pertains to.
The Romance Angels are trying to protect your heart. Please say this invocation either silently or aloud: "Romance Angels, I ask that you give me very clear guidance that I can easily notice and understand, to reveal the truth about this situation to my conscious awareness." Then, notice and trust the signs that follow.
This card is also a reminder to you about the importance of being genuine with your partner. Although discussing your true feelings may be uncomfortable, it will improve your relationship on many levels.

Card# 410
Romance Angels

This situation involves marriage.
You drew this card because of an upcoming wedding (your own or someone else's). It comes to you because marriage plays a role in the answer to your question.
For some people, this card could be a validation that you will get married, and asks you to keep the faith and continue enjoying your life without worry about your future marital status. For others, this card signals that you'll meet a significant other at an upcoming wedding, or experience something there that will lead to new romance for you. It can also represent your parents' marriage and the way it affected your feelings and beliefs about relationships.
In a few cases, this card asks you to look at your present and past marriages and review your feelings, with the intention of healing your heart and your relationship. Perhaps it's time to enlist a marital counselor to help you both sort out how you feel. And sometimes, this card can signal the end of a marriage, in which case the angels support everyone involved as you come to an understanding about the experience, and renew your heart's willingness to love.

Card# 381
Romance Angels

This situation is calling for you to have faith.
In response to your question, the Romance Angels ask you to trust that everything is exactly as it needs to be. Do not add fear to the situation, which will only create drama and negativity. Instead, the angels ask you to release your worries to them.
Your present situation is here it bring you blessings and personal growth, leading to the beautiful romantic love you so deeply desire and deserve. As you follow the pathway you're currently on, trust that it's leading you in the right direction. Your faith uplifts your energy, which in turn attracts positive experiences and people (including your romantic partner).
This truly is a situation where with faith... all things are possible.