Guidance from the Romance Angels

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Dear Romance Angels
Please reveal that which is best for us. Thank you.

Your Romance Angels Guidance

Card# 384
Romance Angels

It's time to disconnect from the world.
The Romance Angels see that your love life blossoms as you spend time alone with your partner (or by yourself). It appears that you've become confused or conflicted by other people's advice. It's time for you to disconnect so that you can better hear your own feelings and opinions.
If you are in a partnership, spending time together apart from others will renew your commitment and take it to the next level. This could mean taking a vacation, going on a nature hike, enjoying a long drive, or turning off the phones and computer as you both enjoy a quiet afternoon at home. The painting on this card also indicates a honeymoon, which could be the literal message. So, there may be a deepening of commitment (or a new serious relationship if you're currently single). This card may indicate an upcoming engagement, wedding, or renewal of vows. These activities are more meaningful as you spend time alone with your partner.
If you're presently single, this card guides you to spend time by yourself, meditating upon your true feelings and thoughts. Be sure to take action based on any intuitive guidance. This strengthens your energy, which helps you rapidly attract and manifest your loving partner.

Card# 396
Romance Angels

Your love life is being affected by children.
The Romance Angels sent you this card because children are a significant factor in your love life. Either you want them or you (or your partner) have kids who are influencing your love life. This is a factor to consider when you desire to improve your romantic future.
The angels honor and support all expressions of love, and they're willing and able to help you with any issue concerning children.
In addition, this card can signify that your (or your partner's) inner child is affecting your relationship. This may mean there's a need for playfulness or a lighthearted spirit, or it could signal that it's time to heal a childhood emotional wound. The loving nature of your inner child and children in general is supportive of healing work, especially when its intention is to bring in more love.

Card# 395
Romance Angels
You Deserve Love

You are lovable!
The Romance Angels are cheering you on in your quest for great love by letting you know that you deserve it. As a child of God, you're naturally a loving and lovable person (as is everyone). You have the right to be treated with kindness and respect by everyone in your life.
If you've had harsh life experiences, you may have blamed yourself and felt unworthy of receiving affection. This card is a reassurance that you do deserve it! You're a beautiful being of God's pure love and light, no matter what any person has said or done to you, and no matter what happened in the past. God's handiwork can never be undone!
The more you affirm, "I am lovable. I am loved. I am loving," the more this experience comes true for you. Affirmations help you believe spiritual truths at a deep, unconscious level. This, in turn, allows you to attract loving people, relationships, and circumstances. And you definitely deserve that!