Guidance from the Romance Angels

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Dear Romance Angels
Please reveal that which is best for us. Thank you.

Your Romance Angels Guidance

Card# 398
Romance Angels

Time apart from your partner is on the horizon.
The Romance Angels are helping you during this period of separation from your partner. This card comes to you as an indication of angelic support as you spend time away from each other. While you're apart, the angels can help you fill your hours with healthy activities, which will help your present or future relationships.
This card may indicate a temporary period of aloneness, such as while your partner is travelling for business, or a time in your life when you're single and preparing for your next relationship. It can also mean a marital separation or divorce. Call upon the angels for support and guidance during these transitions. They can help you discover the deep healing to be mined as you spend time alone, which prepares you for the next part of your relationship journey.

Card# 416
Romance Angels
Romantic Feelings

Your feelings are real and worth exploring.
The stirrings within your heart represent the song of romance calling to you. This card comes to you as guidance to follow the pathway of those feelings. Perhaps you've met someone who made your heart leap, and you wondered whether to pursue him or her. Well, this card says the answer is yes. Take action by flirting, asking the person out on a date, or making your feelings known.
If you've recently been longing for more romance in your life, this card is a signal to take charge of making that happen. You can "romance" yourself by, for example, treating yourself to a luxurious massage or pedicure, buying yourself presents, or watching a romantic movie.
You can also actively pursue and attract romance. First, affirm that it is already inside of you. A partner definitely brings these feelings to the surface; however, they were within you as a potential initially. The more you affirm: "I am romantically loved," the more you attract this condition within yourself and through a relationship.
In some cases, you'll receive this card as a signal that you are ready for a new relationship. It then guides you to take action, such as being aware of people you meet who may be potential partners, as well as frequenting places where such potential partners may be (these would be locations or events associated with your hobbies and interests).

Card# 407
Romance Angels

Enjoy the bliss of holiday time together.
This card indicates the need for a getaway to nurture romantic love. The specific application of this message depends upon the person who is inquiring.
For some, this card has a literal meaning: you are going away with your new spouse following your wedding. For those already in a longtime partnership, this card speaks to reigniting the spark by taking a romantic holiday. It can also relate to the honeymoon period of a new relationship. And for still others, this card indicates that you will meet someone special while on a vacation.