Guidance from the Romance Angels

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Dear Romance Angels
Please reveal that which is best for us. Thank you.

Your Romance Angels Guidance

Card# 398
Romance Angels

Time apart from your partner is on the horizon.
The Romance Angels are helping you during this period of separation from your partner. This card comes to you as an indication of angelic support as you spend time away from each other. While you're apart, the angels can help you fill your hours with healthy activities, which will help your present or future relationships.
This card may indicate a temporary period of aloneness, such as while your partner is travelling for business, or a time in your life when you're single and preparing for your next relationship. It can also mean a marital separation or divorce. Call upon the angels for support and guidance during these transitions. They can help you discover the deep healing to be mined as you spend time alone, which prepares you for the next part of your relationship journey.

Card# 408
Romance Angels
Forgiving and Learning

As you release and heal the past, you experience more love in your present moments.
The Romance Angels have heard your desire for great love, and they bring you this card as guidance. They see that your heart can give and receive the bliss of romance by clearing away the cobwebs of the past. The angels know that you've been hurt before, and that you're wary of being hurt again. Yet your defenses are creating barriers to allowing love into your life.
As you heal your past, you won't keep re-creating it. After all, you attract into your life the situations and relationships that you've already experienced, because that is a primary tool of healing. To change to a healthier relationship pattern, it's necessary to detoxify any old anger, blame, or unforgiveness you may be holding. This includes forgiving yourself.
If you call upon the angels and ask them to help you release and heal your past, they'll clear away the heaviness so that your heart can soar with happiness.

Card# 415
Romance Angels
Release Your Ex

The time has come to clear your energy.
You drew this card because your love life will improve once you emotionally and energetically release your ex-lover. The benefits of doing so include increased happiness, feelings of freedom, and the ability to attract a new lover (who would otherwise sense the presence of your ex in your aura).
The moment you make the decision to let go of the past, it is done. Sometimes this is akin to peeling layers from the onion. So, continue releasing your ex whenever old, familiar feelings arise; or you find yourself attracting people reminiscent of him or her.
As the painting on this card depicts, you may want to ceremonially burn a letter to release the old relationship energy and symbolically let go of old feelings. Or you can call upon the Romance Angels to clear lingering attachments to your ex.