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Let us pray
Dear Lord, thank You that Archangel Michael is my sweet angel prince. Thank You for making him my very own guardian angel. Thank You that You allow him to help me every day in every way. Amen.

your messages from heaven

Card# 409
Romance Angels
New Love

A new person has stirred your romantic feelings.
The Romance Angels have sent you this card like a Valentine greetings, signaling the introduction of someone new into your love life! Perhaps you've recently met this person and your interest was piqued. This card validates that your connection was mutual and real. It is safe for you to explore it, and the Romance Angels will guide your actions accordingly.
Of course, if you are already in a committed relationship, you'll want to consult your angels and perhaps a counselor or other trusted person to get insight into your feelings. While running into the arms of a suitor may sound passionate, the reality of guilt over the affair will soon weigh heavily upon you. It's better to confront the issues within your present relationship that left your emotional doors open for someone else.
This card can also mean that you'll soon meet a new person. In these cases, the Romance Angels are asking you to keep the faith that love is in your cards. You deserve love, and you're lovable! The angels guide you to be aware, as you never know when your partner will arrive.

Card# 79
Angel Therapy Oracle Cards

Write any worries, concerns, or desires on a piece of paper that you put into a special container called a "God Box," as a way of letting go and allowing the Divine to help you.
The angels want to relieve you of the burden of worry by giving you a physical method for releasing your cares to Heaven. Writing down your prayer requests or worries for Divine intervention is an effective way to work in partnership with God and the angels. You can write something short or lengthy and will receive the same results. What matters most is that you write from your heart and then "give" the paper to Heaven symbolically either by burning it (which releases it), putting it in the freezer (which stops the situation from progressing), burying it (which helps with emotional healing), or putting the paper in a God Box (see the Actions Steps below).
ACTION STEPS: God Boxes are time-honored tools for gaining peace of mind and answers to your prayers! If you don't already have a container specifically for use as a God Box, now is the time to buy, make, or designate one.
Choose an ornate container that evokes a sense of the mystic or majestic. For instance, a royal purple box or one decorated with crystals may speak to you. Ask your angels to guide you to a wonderful God Box, and then follow their guidance to find or make the container that's right for you. Place your God Box where you can easily see it and have access to it.

Card# 273
Life Purpose Oracle Cards

Engaging in artistic activities is beneficial to your career and every other area of your life.
Your inner world is colourful, and this card is a reminder that your career can be colourful as well! With your artistic eye, you naturally gravitate toward beautiful shades, shapes, and objects. Now the angels want to bring artistry into your career field. You will feel more fulfilled with work that helps you express your inner artist.
You drew this card because it's important for you to take action steps as the artist you truly are. If you had unlimited time and money, what type of creative work would you engage in? Your answer to this question indicates a beneficial avenue for you to explore now. In fact, this is precisely what will open up all of your channels so that you experience more support, time, and creative energy.
So please take the opportunity to engage in something artistic, such as painting, jewellery making, an art course, sketching, dancing, sewing, and so forth. Your finished creation may or may not become the basis of a commercial venture; however, your actions and artistic expression will definitely have a positive effect upon your career and every other area of your life.