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Journey Through Step 8 Become Willing to Make Amends

I have separated.

Now I find the courage and strength to live in the world as a complete human being, capable of giving and receiving love, of creating out of a sense of wholeness.

My renewed inner parents reassure me by being consistent and loving parents. I carry these new parents inside me as the former were gently escorted away by my Higher Power.

These new parents remind me I am safe and loved.

I internalize the strength of these new parents. I feel securely held by a sense of parental power which gives logic and structure to my life. With this foundation and strength I am able to build a Self and create loving intimacy through my own sense of power.

The 12 Steps and the Serenity Prayer remind me I can receive real power and apply it in my life to things I am able to change.

My Higher Power is accessible and ready to direct my life in a meaningful, loving way.

I accept and reunite with the vulnerable child I kept hidden inside. By doing this, I begin to heal the broken pieces of my shattered self and become a whole human being capable of interacting in the world with confidence and trust.

Title: To Joy!

Choose Faith

Even if it seems as if God is not working in our lives, we have two choices: faith or not faith. We can choose, as an act of the will, to follow faith. Choosing faith is like turning your cup right side up and then looking to God to fill it. What is there to lose? Repeat the Serenity Prayer.

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

Let joy be your expectation! Let us claim the abundant life that Christ came to give!

from Healing for Adult Children of Alcoholics by Sara Hines Martin.

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