Recovery Cards for Mothers Day Weekend 2020

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God, grant me the serenity to accept the people i cannot change

the courage to change the one i can

and wisdom to know that one is me

It's Mother's Day weekend 2020 and holidays are often hard for me.
My prayer is that these cards may help others also.
Namaste. Higher Power Blessings.

ACA Card #119
To Joy! ==>>

Expect Miracles

A devotional that I read pointed out that if we start looking for a certain thing, such as the color blue, blue items will start jumping out at us. If we learn a new word, we will hear it again within twenty-four hours because our ears will pick it up. Likewise, if we look for miracles, we will see them. Think of the difference within your own mental and physical responses when you think hopefully, prayerfully. Image yourself and your loved ones as whole and healthy emotionally.

from pages 184-185 of Healing for Adult Children of Alcoholics by Sara Hines Martin.

ACA Card #126
AA Promises ==>>

ACA Card #30
May I be of service??? ==>>


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