Cooperate with Nature for Recovery

please take what you need and leave the rest...


God, grant me the serenity to accept the people i cannot change

the courage to change the one i can

and wisdom to know that one is me

ACA Card #121
To Joy! ==>>

Cooperate with Nature

Catecholamines are biochemicals that the brain secretes when a person is under stress of any type. Catecholamines actually collect within the body, causing physical illnesses. Endorphins are the natural tranquilizers and the natural painkillers that the brain secretes when a person experiences pleasure in thought or behavior. Production of endorphins flushes out catecholamines. Do everything you can to increase the flow of endorphins in your system.

Physical exercise, meditation, positive thinking, listening to music, looking at a beautiful picture, focusing on nature as you drive, reading positive and inspirational materials, singing a hymn, reciting affirmative statements  mentally, laughing, playing with animals and/or children, doing a hobby, sharing your feelings with another person, and praying are some examples. Whatever brings a pleasurable response for you will produce endorphins. You will feel more relaxed, more positive, and actually be healthier physically. You will be better able to cope with whatever stresses exist in your life.

Say several peaceful statements to yourself.  "Be still" and "I trust in God" are good examples. Notice what happens to your bodily responses when you make those statements. Do you feel yourself getting calmer and more powerful in contrast to feeling out of control or powerless?

Now say, "Things are really hectic." "Everything's a mess." Notice your bodily responses. We can have control over our minds and our bodies by the words and thoughts we put into our minds. Notice the difference in the words "peace" and "panic". Hearing certain words produces a definite emotional response within. Keep calming statements handy - in writing or in your mind - to pull out when you feel your anxiety levels rising.  Put laughter therapy into your daily schedule. Check out books from the library of collections on humor, and laugh for five minutes before going to bed each night.

We cannot control the actions of another person, but we can choose how to think. We can retrain our minds to think positively.

Follow good nutritional guidelines. Many ACAs become addicted to food, sweets, caffeine, or chocolate.

We can have control over our minds and our bodies by the words and thoughts we put into our minds.

from Healing for Adult Children of Alcoholics by Sara Hines Martin.


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