Guidance from the Angels for May 8, 2020

guidance from the angels

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Let us pray
Dear Lord, thank You that Archangel Michael is my sweet angel prince. Thank You for making him my very own guardian angel. Thank You that You allow him to help me every day in every way. Amen.

your messages from heaven

Card# 300
Saints & Angels Oracle Cards

St. Hildegard of Bingen says to us today,
"To heal and improve this situation, it's important for you to believe. Have faith in miracles, the power of God's healing love, and the essential goodness within people. This is an important factor in determining the outcome of this situation."

St. Hildegard of Bingen demonstrated that to bring God's message to the world, we must believe in ourselves. Guess what? We are qualified. We are ready and prepared. We can do it.

This saint overcame tremendous self-doubt and became a multitalented author, musician, and healer. This was especially remarkable, considering that women in her era (1098-1179) weren't expected to accomplish worldly deeds. Born the tenth child in her family, she was sent to live in a convent in order to reduce here parents' financial burdens.

Hildegard began having spiritual visions as a young child, and she was eventually called upon to write books about them. She overcame tremendous self-doubt about her literary skills and later wrote: "But although I heard and saw these things, because of doubt and low opinion of myself and because of diverse sayings of me, I refused for a long time a call to write." St. Hildegard is also known for orchestrating rich musical chants and for her two books on bringing about physical health by using items found in nature.

I am including this youtube video of the chants. I'm listening to right now as I code this webpage. Enjoy.

Card# 555
Mary Queen of Angels is reminding us today of:

Affirm: "I am clear and honest with others about my expectations."

Since God doesn't make victims, this card asks us not to act like one in any way. This is a message of self-empowerment. Instead of blaming others passively, we may convey our expectations and true feelings to others. It's time to stand up for ourselves, even if we risk conflict and confrontation.

We may ask God, Jesus, and Mother Mary to guide our words so that we maintain our boundaries from a standpoint of love instead of fear. Others will respect us for being assertive, and we will respect ourselves more, too, because we're treating ourselves lovingly.

This is our most important message. Be assertive. Maintain boundaries from the standpoint of Love. Treat ourselves lovingly.

May love wipe out hate please and thank you.

Card# 330
The Saints & Angels ask us to consider: EDUCATION

from our Guardian Angel

Higher Education

Our guardian angels are guiding us to gain further education, either by attending school or through independent study. Higher education refers to instruction with a spiritual basis, so this is a message for us to study topics that capture our true interests. For instance, if there's a spiritually based service career that we yearn for, now is the time to begin looking at furthering our knowledge in that area. This may mean attending formal classes, reading books on the topic, or working with a mentor.


A Sample Prayer: Please Guardian Angel dear, help my mentor and I find each other. I give any worries about having enough time, money, or skills to you now to give to God for transmuting to love and light. I am being pushed to learn more as a result of my prayers for increased fulfillment. Help me trust that this door is opening for me at the right time, and help me walk through it with full faith. Show me how to begin with simple steps, such as researching various classes on my chosen topic of being a guardian protector of nature.

Thank you and love you.

Love from your charge.

Even though we may feel that schooling will take time, we can remember that we'll be alive and doing something during that time anyway. We may as well use our days wisely by investing in something meaningful. By pursuing higher education, we'll gain newfound wisdom, higher self-esteem, new friends, and exciting opportunities.

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