Heaven, how do I get over these hurt feelings?

please take what you need and leave the rest...

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Let us pray
Dear Lord, thank You that Archangel Michael is my sweet angel prince. Thank You for making him my very own guardian angel. Thank You that You allow him to help me every day in every way. Amen.

your messages from heaven

Card# 377
Romance Angels

Extend your lighthearted energy to others!

The Romance Angels guide you to initiate romance with flirtatiousness, which entails smiling with your eyes as you connect with others. It doesn't necessarily involve sexuality, although it can. Flirting is playful in nature, and playfulness is the heart of romance. If you're in a relationship, flirting with your partner can give passion. If you're single, this activity can attract new friendships as well as a love relationship.

Drawing this card can simply mean that making more eye contact with others will help you connect with people. This is especially true if you smile and say "Hello" more often. Everyone you meet is a potential friend, and studies show that most people are introduced to their mates through mutual acquaintances. Therefore, form new friendships both as a way of meeting a new partner and to increase your enjoyment of life.

Dear Angels, help me extend my lighthearted energy to others. I asked you how do I get over these hurt feelings? And you would like for me to flirt. Oh, I was so good at that before. Please renew this lighthearted and fun side of my inherent nature. Bring back my playful side. Help me flirt naturally like the butterfly fairy I am. Help me smile and say hello. Bring me the spirit of friendliness. Thank you dear Angels.

Card# 305
Saints & Angels Oracle Cards

Guardian Angel

This is a multifaceted answer that depends upon your particular situation. Here are the possible meanings behind your selection of this card (your intuition will tell you which answer applies to you):

  1. Be as a child. Have childlike faith that everything will work out for the best, and it will.
  2. A child will soon be coming into your life.
  3. Pay attention to your child or to a particular child in your care.
  4. Help children in general through education, advocacy, healing, and the like.
  5. A child in Heaven is happy and doing well, and is ending you a message of love.

The purity and innocence of children gives them an angelic quality and earns them special attention from Heaven. Your prayers for the little ones are given high priority, and are always answered. This card is a message that you're being used as an Earth angel on behalf of children. The angels will help you in this endeavor if you'll ask for their assistance and guidance.

Dear Guardian Angel, you sent me this card to heal from these hurt feelings. I have been working with my Inner Child today so this card is very appropriate for me. Help me to be as a child and have childlike faith that everything is working out for the best, and so it is. Thank you for using me as an Earth angel on behalf of Inner Children. Please help me, Guardian Angel.


Card# 240
Healing With The Angels

The angels guide you to immerse yourself in beautiful music. Music lifts your heart above Earthbound concerns and elevates your thoughts to Divine Love.

You have angels with you who want to help you through the healing properties of music. By drawing this card, the angels ask you to add more music into your life. They guide you to play soft background music while you dress, work, and play. They also ask you to whistle and sing often.

You may also have drawn this card because of your own musical gifts. Have you felt guided lately to compose a song, participate in a musical play, join a singing group or band, or play an instrument? These inner nudges may be coming from your angels, who can see your God-given gifts. They know that your musical talents will help others. So, they ask you to be an Earth angel by expressing your gift of song and melody.

Dear Angels, help me as I immerse myself in beautiful music to soothe my hurt feelings. Allow the music to lift my heart above Earthbound concerns and elevate my thoughts to Divine Love.

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