Guidance from Heaven for June 7, 2020

please take what you need and leave the rest...

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guidance from the angels

please take what you need and leave the rest...

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Let us pray
Dear Lord, thank You that Archangel Michael is my sweet angel prince. Thank You for making him my very own guardian angel. Thank You that You allow him to help me every day in every way. Amen.

your messages from heaven

Card# 592
Esteem Cards




Dear Angels, thank you that I am alluring. I am captivating. I am feminine. I am graceful. I grow in radiance and beauty each and every day.

Card# 597


The good fairies have this message today for you

Love Life

The basis of your question involves your romantic life, which is now changing for the better.

We've drawn this card because our love life is somehow involved in the question that we've asked, and the good fairies can help us understand this connection if it's not immediately apparent to us. This card signifies that a change for the better is in the works for our love life.

Additional meanings for this card: Love your life as a way to bring healing energy to this situation ... A new love proves to be an important person in your life ... You're ready to meet your soul mate ... A breakup is imminent or just occurred ... You'd like to get married ... Communicate with your partner about a topic that's bothering you right now ... Ask the fairies to help you connect with your soul mate.

Debt Paid Off

The old weight and habit of debt is lifted from you and your life.

This card signals an impressive shift in our financial situation. We've made the clear decision to be free of old debts, and the Universe has responded in kind. We're presented with opportunities to reduce our debt, including new avenues of income and inner guidance about reducing nonessential spending. As we follow these leads, our financial situation rapidly improves.

Additional meanings for this card: Make a clear-cut decision to be debt free and the Universe will deliver ... Cut up your credit cards ... Question each expenditure to see if it's really necessary, or just an impulsive purchase ... Know that you deserve to be, and can be, debt free ... Resolve to initiate new spending habits - pay cash for everything, and if you don't have the cash, don't buy it ... Tithe 10% of your income ... You'll receive a financial windfall ... Affirm often that God is the true Source of your supply.

Rachel: remember you're karmic debt is paid. You are good. Be happy. Have a great life. Life loves you!

Let Go

As you surrender the need to control, your relaxed energy rapidly attracts your desires.

The good fairies and the entire Universe understands our desires and needs, and they've been trying to bring them to us. We can help our prayers be answered by letting go of the need to control the details or know the future outcome of this situation. The more we can relax and trust, the faster everything will resolve in a positive fashion.
The Universe's plans and standards for us exceeds our own, so it's best to lean upon this Divine wisdom and allow it to unfold in a perfect way. If we need to, experiment with letting go - we can always take back control; however, the fairies are sure that we'll like the results of releasing and will adopt it as a new lifestyle.

Additional meanings for this card: You have nothing to worry about, as everything is working out for the best ... Maintain a positive outlook to attract a positive outcome ... Attend 12-step meetings (such as Alcoholics Anonymous) to get help with an addiction ... Spend time outdoors to reconnect with God ... Have faith ... When learning a new skill, trust your body's innate abilities ... Instead of overanalyzing a situation, listen to your heart.


Dear God, help me. The karmic debt was paid for my love life, and now I may let go. Help me let go. Amen.

Card# 95
Angel Therapy Oracle Cards


Your body is receiving accurate messages from the Divine.
Your angels want you to know that you're always receiving Divine messages, even when you're not noticing them. Most of these messages come through your physical and emotional senses, as your body is extremely sensitive to subtle energies. Sometimes you may not understand your feelings, yet they always have accurate, underlying wisdom.
You've received this card because you've asked a question that your body has already answered through your emotional and physical feelings. You're urged to trust your feelings, and act upon them without delay. Ask the angels to protect and guide you, which they do through your intuitive sensations.
As you give psychic readings or healings to others, know that it's impossible to be blocked from receiving angelic guidance. You're always feeling and thinking, and those are two primary ways in which the angels give you messages for your clients. Tell your clients what you're feeling and thinking during your sessions, as these messages are meant to be shared.
ACTIONS STEPS: Notice any tension in your body, which is a signal that your muscles are reacting to the energies of your (or other people's) thoughts and emotions. Close your eyes and imagine having a conversation with a tense muscle group in your body. Ask the muscles, "Why are you tense?" Listen for the answer, which will come to you as a thought, feeling, or even words or visions. Your body will tell you how it's reacting to your job, relationships, friends, and other life areas. Trust your body's truthful wisdom!

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