Guidance from Heaven for May 30, 2020

please take what you need and leave the rest...

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guidance from the angels

your messages from heaven

shuffles: 5
cut: 30
question: God, I need friendship into my life please. I invite the spirit of friendship x 3 to enter my life now please and thank you.
Dear Lord,
We pray these angel cards
contain answers from You, Lord Yeshua,
to help this beloved friend.
Thank you for answering all
our prayers in your perfect way,
with your perfect timing.
Card# 35
Archangel Michael Oracle Cards

My Prayer: Dear God, please help me to let go of this situation, giving it in faith and trust to your Divine wisdom and infinite love in order to resolve and heal everything and everyone involved.

This card comes to you with the reassuring message that God is in charge, taking care of all the details. Give any worries to God, and stop struggling against the flow. There's a natural course that this situation is taking, and it's important to trust that things are going in the right direction... because they are.
Possible specific meanings: Ask for help, and allow yourself to receive it when it's offered ... Your prayers have been heard and answered ... A miraculous solution is already in the works ... Enjoy your life, because God is taking care of any apparent problems

Okay, God, I see you are taking care of any apparent problems in the area of friendship in my life. Thank you dear God and thank you to my angels who love me. God, I am waking up crying in the night from these hurt feelings. Please bring me my very own friend. This card tells me you know what it is I am going through and you have the perfect solution for me. Help me let go of these hurt feelings. I give it to you in faith and trust to my Divine wisdom and infinite love in order to resolve and heal everything and everyone involved. I give you all the worries, and I stop struggling against the flow. I am willing to trust that things are going in the right direction. I ask for help please, and I open myself to receiving help. Thank you that my prayers are heard and answered. I look forward to the miraculous solution that is already in the works. God, I am going to enjoy my life, because you are taking care of any and all apparent problems. Amen.

Card# 114


I am saved by grace.

Ephesians 2:8 King James Version (KJV)

8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

God, I receive your gift of grace through our precious Lord Jesus, Amen.
Card# 345
Soulmate Cards



Authentic (), a. [OE. autentik, OF. autentique, F. authentique, L. authenticus coming from the real author, of original or firsthand authority
1. Having a genuine original or authority, in opposition to that which is false, fictitious, counterfeit, or apocryphal; being what it purports to be; genuine; not of doubtful origin; real; as, “an authentic paper or register”.
[1913 Webster]
To be avenged
On him who had stole Jove's authentic fire. Milton.
[1913 Webster]
2. Authoritative. [Obs.] Milton.
[1913 Webster]
3. Of approved authority; true; trustworthy; credible; as, “an authentic writer; an authentic portrait; authentic information.”
[1913 Webster]
4. (Law) Vested with all due formalities, and legally attested.
[1913 Webster]
5. (Mus.) Having as immediate relation to the tonic, in distinction from plagal, which has a correspondent relation to the dominant in the octave below the tonic.
[1913 Webster]
Syn. -- AuthenticGenuine. These words, as here compared, have reference to historical documents. We call a document genuine when it can be traced back ultimately to the author or authors from whom it professes to emanate. Hence, the word has the meaning, “not changed from the original, uncorrupted, unadulterated:” as, a genuine text. We call a document authentic when, on the ground of its being thus traced back, it may be relied on as true and authoritative (from the primary sense of “having an author, vouched for”); hence its extended signification, in general literature, of trustworthy, as resting on unquestionable authority or evidence; as, “an authentic history; an authentic report of facts.”
[1913 Webster]
A genuine book is that which was written by the person whose name it bears, as the author of it. An authentic book is that which relates matters of fact as they really happened. A book may be genuine without being, authentic, and a book may be authentic without being genuine. Bp. Watson.
[1913 Webster]
It may be said, however, that some writers use authentic (as, an authentic document) in the sense of “produced by its professed author, not counterfeit.”
[1913 Webster]

Authentic, n. An original (book or document). [Obs.] “Authentics and transcripts.” Fuller.
[1913 Webster]

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