Messages for May 15-16, 2020

please take what you need and leave the rest...

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Let us pray
Dear Lord, thank You that Archangel Michael is my sweet angel prince. Thank You for making him my very own guardian angel. Thank You that You allow him to help me every day in every way. Amen.

your messages from heaven

The message for May 15 continues the theme of giving and receiving. Playtime and fun are in our future. This is very exciting.

For myself, after intensive healing from past trauma, I find myself finally in a position where I can give and receive pleasure. I look forward to this in my life. I kept myself cut off from giving and receiving pleasure unless I was intoxicated in the past. Now, I can truly enjoy this gift from the Divine, and I am so grateful. Send me an email and tell me about your situation. Are you ready to give and receive pleasure now also? Do you need some healing for trauma first? I have many great resources for trauma healing and I would love to share them. Have a blessed day!
It was interesting also to see the Crystals card come up like this. I was thinking of crystals and how to make a webpage about them, and this was in the reading. It's neat how oracle cards work so closely with our intuition.
Card# 264
Life Purpose Oracle Cards

Your connection to crystals and gemstones is a channel for healing energy.
This card is a signal for you to delve more deeply into your understanding of crystals and gemstones, as they're calling you to work with them as part of your life purpose. These objects amplify and direct the Divine healing energy to people, animals, and the environment. Each one has a life force, to which you've often connected. Now it is the time to research this connection through classes, books, and intuitively communicating with crystals.
There's a reason why crystals are used in watches, computers, and medical devices - namely, their power to magnify energy and light in directed ways. Similarly, you can use them for healing purposes to amplify your natural abilities. Your work may combine crystals with massage, energy healing, arts and crafts, or other endeavours. Regardless of what you do, be sure to include these powerful objects.
If you're new to working with stones, paying a visit to a gem shop is a good starting place. Walk through with an open mind and heart, and notice which crystals attract you. Then read up on the healing properties of the ones that call to you. You'll find that they provide exactly the energy most needed at that time. Trust that this Law of Attraction process will also work through you to help your clients.

Dear Angels, thank you for my connection with crystals and gemstones as a channel for healing energy. Dear Crystal Energy, show me how to work with you please. You've always proved to be loyal and dear friends to my life. Thank you.

Card# 566
Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Cards
Giving and Receiving

I balance being generous and receptive, because both are equally important.
This is a message about bringing your life into greater balance. Are you resentful of your role as caretaker, or do you feel like you're being used or are unappreciated? If so, you need to balance your giving tendencies through creating and noticing opportunities to receive. If this seems impossible because others aren't cooperating, then Mother Mary will help you heal this pattern.
Occasionally, people will be imbalanced in over-receptivity, where they're taking (or expecting to receive) more than they're willing to give. Signs of this include feeling stuck or stagnant, experiencing a lack of new opportunities, or financial difficulties.
Both patterns are easily alleviated by practicing daily giving and receiving. You can even count how many times you give, and make sure to receive an equal number of times. Examples of giving include smiling at a person or saying hello, volunteering your help, making a donation, offering a sincere compliment, making time for someone, and being a good listener. Examples of receiving include noticing beauty around you, saying "Thank you" and meaning it, feeling appreciation and gratitude for your current blessings, and requesting and accepting someone's help.

Mother Mary, show me please how to balance being generous and receptive, because both are equally important. Mother Mary, please help me heal the unbalanced patterns of the past in regards to giving and receiving.

Card# 145
Daily Guidance From Your Angels Oracle Cards

"Beloved One, it's time to set aside work for a while. Don't worry: we will oversee your responsibilities to their completion. Playfulness, gaiety, and laughter will lift your energy so that you'll return to work with a renewed perspective and heightened energy."
The angels see that you need to play, so they sent you this card. You've been working and worrying a lot lately, and your soul cries out for fun. Feelings of fatigue, irritability, or depression are additional signs that you're overdue for some playtime. You don't need to wait until you have a free moment, because you can inject fun into your day today. Simple pleasures, moments of silliness, laughing with a friend, or watching a funny movie are examples of ways to have fun that don't require a lot of time or money. Fun and play are necessary parts of life for children and adults. These types of activities help us live healthier lives, and allow us to attain our desires more quickly. Fun is part of living a balanced life.
Additional meanings for this card: Stop what you're doing and go have fun right now ... Release any guilt about having fun to the angels ... You deserve happiness, pleasure, and enjoyment ... Make sure that your recreational activities are purely fun and noncompetitive

Dear Heaven, help me set aside work for awhile. I am tired. This is hard on me here at the farm. I am lonely for friends and family. I work so hard but don't receive the benefit from it. I truly need to play. I truly need some fun and pleasure in my life, dear Heaven. Increase my playfulness, gaiety, and laughter. Please give me a friend to laugh and play with. I deserve happiness, pleasure, and enjoyment and I call these into my life right now.


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